Ivacy VPN Review

This Ivacy VPN review will provide you with the best information about this VPN.

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Is Ivacy VPN the Best VPN?

In reviewing a VPN, we consider a lot of factors. We tested out Ivacy VPN’s capability with speed, accessibility, security, etc., and if it is worth it with its price.

Actually, Ivacy VPN is an affordable VPN service that works well with some if not all streaming platforms like US Netflix, HBO Max, and Disney+. It is a Singapore-based VPN that claims to have top speed and has the best way of innovation.

Ivacy VPN might be one of the cheapest VPNs on the market today but that does not conclude that it is the best one. In purchasing a VPN service, it is better to check first if the VPN really offers what it claims to have on its website.

So as we continue with this Ivacy VPN review, we will check out if this VPN really has what it claims to offer.



Ivacy VPN offers a really cheap price. Most of the time, it has a limited-time offer.

If you are on a budget, I’d say go grab the Ivacy VPN.

ivacy price

You have to check whether you really get the privacy, security, and other VPN benefits that you need.


Vsit Ivacy VPN


Ivacy VPN Free Trial

You can check this VPN for a 1-day free trial.

There is also a 30-day money-back guarantee but only for selected plans.


Ivacy Speed Test

Ivacy VPN advertises this service as one of the fastest VPNs, but it is not quite true.

We tested out this VPN from the closest to furthest servers, and we are not that impressed.

From local which is good enough speed to international, results have a big decrease.

Ivacy VPN speed might be good enough for gaming, just have the closest server if possible.



  • + Relatively cheaper than others
  • + Automatic Kill Switch
  • + No DNS Logs Policy
  • + Unlimited Server Switching



  • Chat Only for Customer Support
  • Not available on Firestick
  • Speed Sometimes Quite Slow


Frequently Asked Questions
What does it cost?
Prices start at $1.19 / mo
How many servers are there?
5,700+ Servers in 100+ Locations.
What apps are there?
Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux, Raspberry Pi, Amazon, and Consoles.
Are there logs?
No browsing logs policy.
What protocols exist?
OpenVPN, IPsec/IKEV2, L2TP, PPTP, and SSTP.
Is there a trial?
30-Days Money Back Guarantee.

Ivacy VPN Review – Client User Interface

ivacy client view 3


Privacy /Anonymity

Zero Log Policy

Ivacy has a zero log policy. It is important to know that the VPN service you are using follows this policy. This makes sure that all your data, and information the moment you click the connect button is not being recorded.


Mask Your IP Address

It is a VPN’s job to hide your IP address. Ivacy VPN is doing a good job of masking the user’s IP address. It has an IPv6 leak protection.



This Ivacy VPN review will also discuss all VPN protocols that Ivacy is using.

Ivacy offers top-of-the-line encryption. Starting off with 256-bit encryption, which is the baseline and standard for most VPN services. You also have a host of other functions that we have come to expect as standard with top VPN providers.

It is questionable that Ivacy does not have 3rd parties to audit its security features.


IKEv2 / IPSec

These are common VPN protocols for most brands. They are both used for authentication.

IPSec works by protecting all traffic of different apps for a given IP address.

IKEv2 works with IPSec for encryption. It is activated when you connect from wifi to another wifi or to cellular data. Your VPN connection won’t be disrupted.



How to Configure a Client-to-Site L2TP/IPsec VPN | Barracuda Campus

This is an extension of PPTP (Point-to-point Tunneling Protocol) that Ivacy is also using. It is used to allow VPNs to work well with the internet.



We can say that a VPN must have this protocol for it to be legit. It has two types: UDP and TCP.

UDP is commonly a faster and connectionless protocol, while TCP is more on connectivity.



Ivacy VPN is also using PPTP. It ensures the safe transfer of data.



The last VPN protocol option that Ivacy VPN has is SSTP. Like IPSec, it is used to secure online traffic.


Does It Work Well With Popular Streaming Apps


Unlike any other VPN provider, we looked at it. Ivacy mentions Kodi a lot, even providing a heap of in-depth blog articles to get your favorite shows on Kodi.

It’s compatible with any Operating System and can even be added to major tv streaming software like Roku.

Even better, Kodi is supported by many hobbyist programmers who are always trying out newly coded add ons making Kodi compatible with more and more platforms every day.

The bottom line is you can surely use Ivacy VPN with Kodi.



if you are outside the USA and would like to see what Netflix has to offer within that region, Ivacy VPN can access US Netflix, but not for some other countries.



Sad to say but Ivacy VPN can’t unblock Hulu.

Other than these 3 platforms, Ivacy can access Diney+, Amazon Prime, and HBO Max



Ivacy VPN is based in Singapore and therefore is not under the jurisdiction of the 5 eyes. Hence why they can talk so openly about Kodi, Torrenting, and P2P file sharing.


GeoIP Unblocking

Ivacy works a charm to overcome GeoIP which tracks your IP’s physical location to deny certain services in the country.

You can choose from several countries close to your location to overcome restrictions. Also, the servers are evenly distributed across the globe which means you won’t compromise your browsing speed by having to connect to a US server from Asia


Servers and Server Location

Ivacy VPN boasts of having 5,700 servers in 100 locations. 25% of these servers are virtual. 

Some servers took a lot of minutes to connect. Mostly on international servers, it took almost 5 minutes since I click the connect button.



You can use an Ivacy VPN account for 10 devices simultaneously.

It is compatible with a lot of devices such as Android, iOS, macOS, Linux, and Windows.

There are also a number of browser extensions like Edge, Chrome, Firefox, etc.

It is also said to have a great deal with Nintendo, Playstation, and Xbox.

You can also connect this with your internet routers.

Sadly, Ivacy VPN is not available in the Amazon App Store.


Kill Switch

Ivacy VPN has a kill switch feature that is only available on some device types. This is not applicable on iOS, and macOS.

Kill Switch functions are very helpful. When your VPN suddenly runs into a problem, the kill switch function disconnects you from the internet. This will prevent all your traffic to go back directly to your original IP address.


Split Tunneling

Ivacy VPN has a split tunneling function. This is used to make it looks like you are not using a VPN, so apps won’t be able to detect you.

Ivacy VPN lets you choose the apps you want to activate the split tunneling feature.


Leak Protection

Ivacy VPN has DNS leak protection to ensure the safety of the user’s data.

It also has IPV6 leak protection and WebRTC leak protection.


Torrent Policy

Ivacy VPN is good for torrenting, unlike other providers based in the US they explicitly talk about their suitability for torrenting. One of the advantages being based outside of a 5 eyes country.

Ivacy VPN has dedicated P2P servers that can torrent anonymously, overcome throttling and port blocking, as well as use popular torrenting sites like Kodi.


Tor Compatibility

There is no specific mention of Tor or the Onion network on Ivacy VPN but considering the explicit mention it makes of other services like Kodi and Torrenting, we can’t see any issue with using Tor in conjunction with your VPN.

As ever just be aware that using a double layer of VPN protection will diminish your browsing and streaming speeds.


SOCKS5 Proxy

Unfortunately, Ivacy VPN does not offer a SOCKS5 Proxy. This is the best feature a VPN should have for us to say that it is very suitable for torrenting.

SOCKS5 Proxy hinders traitor torrent sites that can sell the user data to 3rd party advertisers.


Customer Support

Ivacy has responsive and reliable customer service.

You can contact them thru email or via live chat.


Final Thoughts

Ivacy VPN is good since it is outside the area or the 5 eye countries. It is cheaper than other VPNs, but there are some missing substances in the formula. 

Even if it is relatively cheap, it doesn’t mean it is the best VPN. The servers took a lot of time before connecting, and the speed isn’t that remarkable.

No wonder this VPN is not that popular, but it still manages to be in the market up until now.

We hope that this Ivacy VPN review was able to help you and answers all of your questions.


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