Cyberghost Review

We feel lucky to be able to review Cyberghost today. It is truly an awesome service in many respects. First, it is dirt cheap if you are willing to buy 3 years at a time. Second, it offers an absurdly long 45-day money-back guarantee. Finally, it is without a doubt our favorite VPN for unblocking the US and UK Netflix.

Cyberghost has been around for years and started as a small Romanian company with an emphasis on a freemium model. While Cyberghost has outgrown those roots, most of the changes have been for the better.



Cyberghost Pricing 2022

Just like other VPN services, Cyberghost pushes customers for long-term packages by offering a high price when paying monthly and a very low price when you buy several years at a time. It does, however, have a compelling deal for its three-year plan, which costs $2.23/mo. It is significantly cheaper than its monthly subscription of $12.99/mo, and it also includes a free 4-month additional subscription.

Cyberghost also offers a 45-day money-back guarantee, one-upping the competition who use the industry standard of the 30-day money-back guarantee. Other yearly options are $3.25 per/mo for two years and $4.29/mo for one year. These are also great deals to consider if you think three years is too long but their monthly subscription is just too expensive. We understand that committing to a long-term plan is not for everyone.


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Cyberghost VPN Free Trial

Apart from its 45-day money-back guarantee, Cyberghost is the only premium VPN service that provides a free trial. Your device will determine how long the free trial will last, although it might be as little as 24 hours or as long as 7 days. Moreover, what I appreciate about Cyberghost is that it recognizes your device immediately, allowing you to click the “Start your free trial” button right away and have the right file type downloaded.

  • Windows, macOS, Linux – 24 hours
  • Android – 3 days
  • iOS – 7 days


How To Install CyberGhost VPN On A Firestick

1.  Click Home on your remote and scroll once to your left. It will be the search icon.

Install CyberGhost VPN On A Firestick step 1


2. You can either say the name of the app to your Alexa’s voice-enabled remote or start typing it. If you typed it, click on the suggestion when it appears.

Install CyberGhost VPN On A Firestick step 2


3. Click on the CyberGhost VPN icon.

Install CyberGhost VPN On A Firestick step 3


4. Click on Download.

Install CyberGhost VPN On A Firestick step 4


5. Click Open.

Install CyberGhost VPN On A Firestick step 5


6.  Click Agree and Continue.

Install CyberGhost VPN On A Firestick step 6


7. To proceed select Open Connection Checker.

Install CyberGhost VPN On A Firestick step 7


8. Scroll down and simply click Return to login.

Install CyberGhost VPN On A Firestick step 8


9. Visit from a web browser, and enter the code to Validate Pin.

Install CyberGhost VPN On A Firestick step 9

Speed Test

Cyberghost registered some of the fastest speeds around when it came to connection. Registering 90-100MBps in the US and 50-60 MB in Europe.

There were some slowdowns in more remote countries like Chile and Indonesia. But that must be tempered by the fact that some countries simply don’t have great connections, and of course, speeds are always limited by your broadband speeds.

In short, expect good enough speeds to stream and torrent with ease from most countries.

  • + Kill-Switch Feature
  • + Simultaneous Connections On Up to 7 Devices
  • + Uses Military-Grade Encryption
  • + Multi-Platform Support
  • + Huge Network Layout Across The Globe
  • + Ideal Price For Those Seeking Long-Term Plans
  • Email / Chat Only for Customer Support
  • No Free Trial
  • Could Have More Protocols
  • Dodgy data jurisdiction and anonymity


Cyberghost VPN Review Pros and Cons

Frequently Asked Questions
What does it cost?
Prices start at $2.29 / mo
How many servers are there?
7,000 servers from 90 countries.
What apps are there?
Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux, Fire TV, Roku, Routers, Browsers, Game Consoles, and Smart TV.
Are there logs?
Zero logs are kept.
What protocols exist?
OpenVPN, IKEV2, and WireGuard.
Is there a free trial?
None, but it comes with a 45-day money-back guarantee.


Cyberghost VPN Review – Client User Interface

cyberghost new client view (1)

cyberghost new client view 2


Privacy /Anonymity

Zero Log Policy

Cyberghost has a clear no-logs policy. They explicitly state that they keep none of your data. Apart from that, based upon their jurisdiction they are under no obligation to deal with any legal requests that they receive. Romanian law states that they are under no legal obligation to store logs. So, they don’t. They are also outside of the 14 eyes. 


Mask Your IP Address

CyberGhost VPN works by masking your IP address and redirecting your internet traffic through an encrypted VPN tunnel. As a result, it safeguards your identity from online snoopers, the government, and your ISP.



AES-256 Encryption

Cyberghost offers the highest encryption available starting with a military-grade AES 256-bit encryption. The top level of data protection currently accessible is ensured by this international standard encryption. As a result, even the American government acknowledges it and makes use of it to safeguard its data.



They also use native IKEv2 encryption methods which are recognized as the best security protocols you can currently use to secure your data. IKEV2 provides a safe channel for peer-to-peer internet communication. Aside from that, it is efficient at establishing and re-establishing a connection.



Modern VPN protocols like WireGuard offer cutting-edge cryptography that is both quick and easy to use. Compared to other VPN connection kinds, it is more dependable, powerful, and lightweight. It is also one of the most secure VPN solutions available.


Does It Work Well With Popular Streaming Apps?

We’ll now let you know if Cyberghost can successfully get through the geoblocks imposed on certain well-known streaming services like Kodi, Netflix, and Hulu.



One of the top internet sources for multimedia is Kodi. Using Kodi gives users access to thousands of movies, sporting events, TV shows, and live channels from across the globe. Using a VPN provider means that you can circumvent geographic restrictions on content and stream privately.

Cyberghost is one of the VPN providers we have seen that gives specific steps to access big sporting events, like the recent Champion’s League Final has its dedicated page and guide. Their site provides a series of in-depth guides to help you get connected and get the best out of Kodi.



As we previously mentioned, the Cyberghost VPN software is perfect for streaming Netflix. They don’t have all regions, but they do highlight the ones that most people are interested in (US and UK). They also offer an excellent app for the Firestick, which makes it even easier to stream to your heart’s content. 

Cyberghost goes one step further in its client by highlighting the best locations and servers to stream services.

The gold standard is being able to access Netflix USA, which Cyberghost does with apparent ease.



Hulu makes use of strong protocols that aid in the unblocking of streaming services such as Hulu. All you have to do is use their app and the Smart DNS feature on any of your devices, and it will assist you in successfully connecting to a Hulu-optimized VPN server.



Cyberghost is based in Bucharest, Romania, which is outside the jurisdiction of surveillance alliances. As a result, they are under no obligation to collaborate with any foreign intelligence agencies. Additionally, Romania developed a reputation for supporting norms that protect privacy.



CyberGhost’s easy-to-use client and filter make it easy for you to home in on popular websites and circumvent GeoIP-locked content with ease. The software specifically highlights servers for Youtube (multiple country versions), Crunchyroll, Yle, ZDF, HBO Now, CBS, TF1, BBC iPlayer, CBC, Globo Sportv, Netflix (many regions), Comedy Central, RTL, Fox Sport, Radio France, 7TV, Spotify, Zattoo, Mediaset, RMC, Amazon Prime, Fox, Canal+, ESPN, Channel 4, ORF, Sling TV, ESPN+, and many others.



Cyberghost has a vast network of 8,000 servers spread over more than 100 locations in 91 different countries. That is a large selection of server locations, giving Cyberghost an advantage over other premium VPN services.



The web platform works with Windows, macOS, Linux, ios, Android (mobile and TV), Chrome, Firefox, Fire TV, Smart TV, Xbox One & Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 & 4, Routers, & more. Furthermore, they also have a simplified and easy-to-use mobile application.


Kill Switch

Regardless of the type of plan you have, Cyberghost offers the Kill Switch capability to its paid subscribers. Additionally, VPN consumers are now looking for VPN services with a kill switch feature. This is because in the case that your VPN connection suddenly drops, it automatically disconnects you from the internet, adding a degree of security. As a result, it stops you from unintentionally viewing any internet content without a VPN’s security.


Split Tunneling

Cyberghost also supports split tunneling. While connected to a Cyberghost VPN server, initially all of your traffic will transit through the VPN tunnel. However, you can allow specific apps or websites to access the internet using your main connection by using its split tunneling capability.


DNS Leak Protection

You can use Cyberghost’s DNS leak protection by activating it in their app. Additionally, Cyberghost offers a DNS Leak Test that you can use to check for any DNS leaks or exposure to your ISP or other unwanted snoopers.


Torrent Policy

Cyberghost doesn’t make any explicit mention of using torrents on their site, but their website is jam-packed with useful content on torrenting.

However, with access to the highest possible speed servers, unlimited bandwidth, and traffic, as well as the option to connect to 7 devices through your VPN, this provider is a good choice for torrents. They also highlight specific servers for torrents within their software. This is a huge plus. 

Additionally, you also have access to a malicious URL filter, which allows you to sift through malware sites that may attack your computer with viruses and infected torrents.


Tor Compatibility

Again, there is no explicit mention of the Tor, and a quick search of their help articles will lead you to easy-to-follow guides about how to use the Onion with Cyberghost.

They make a point of saying with 256-bit AES encryption it’s not necessary, but the software is compatible if you want to be sure.


SOCKS5 Proxy

A VPN Proxy is available from Cyberghost, and it is free to use. However, if you choose to use the Proxy vs VPN, it will employ fewer security features. Additionally, only Firefox and Chrome are compatible with it, and there are only 8 servers in 4 countries.


Customer Support

We were so impressed with Cyberghost’s enormous selection of articles and help guides for a wide variety of problems. They helped tremendously both with this review and using the service overall. You can also email or use the live chat which is available 24/7.


Final Thoughts on the Cyberghost Review

There is a lot to be impressed about with Cyberghost. We are seeing a trend toward VPN providers pushing boundaries into ad-blocking and malware protection which can speed up your browsing connection and minimize distractions.

For the price alone Cyberghost is worth a try. After all, you get a whopping 45-day money-back guarantee policy with longer-term plans. The solid software, big team, and masses of help guide all point towards a slick operation.

We can understand why 30 million people trust Cyberghost with their privacy.

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