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VPNTunnel LogoVPN Tunnel is a very reliable and secure VPN Service Provider.

VPNTunnel is a VPN provider headquartered in Sweden. Most of their servers are in Sweden. VPN Tunnel has servers in several other European countries and a server in the US. VPN Tunnel uses OpenVPN and PPTP protocols. VPN Tunnel supports all Operating Systems including Windows, Mac and Linux as well as iPads and iPhones.

One of the nice things about VPN Tunnel is that they do not keep logs of their user activity, which makes it one of the most private VPN Services around.

VPN Tunnel has competitive pricing, and although all pricing is listed in Euros, they accept all major payment methods. They also do not have a free trial available, similar to most VPN services now. This is a very low cost VPN Service.

Update – May 2012

VPNTunnel has been experiencing significant problems of late.  At this time, we can no longer recommend this service.  We hope they are able to resolve these issues soon.

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