Review vpn logo is one of the best VPN services for anonymity and torrent usage. They do not keep logs and offer a wide variety of low cost plans. They are based in Sweden, a country known for taking a strong stance on privacy. It’s also considered by many to be one of the most torrent friendly countries.

The parents company of is Intlayer Pty Ltd. Their very cool tagline is, “creating inspired technology.” That’s definitely the dream for many of us. There is a sister company named Portlane AB. They provide ISP, cloud, and Web hosting services. Portlane is also the owner of a state of the art data center in Sweden. This is the sort of company background I look for in finding a reliable VPN service.

Terms of Service

The TOS specifically states that torrents are allowed. If you happen to buy a plan with access to only one protocol (PPTP or OpenVPN), you are only allowed one connection at a time. This is a bit of a burn if you are looking to share service across your entire family. The PPTP & OpenVPN allows users one connection per protocol for a maximum of two simultaneous connections.


Prices are reasonable, but not the cheapest. Being a Swedish based company, the primary currency is Euros. For the convenience of international customers, they also break rates down by U.S. and Australian dollars along with British pounds. Customers paying in Euros receive the best deal. We especially like the fact that you can buy service for as brief a period as just 1 day. pricing


Installing the service will be a pain for some people. doesn’t offer an easy to use connection client. For the OpenVPN protocol, they point users to the standard OpenVPN community software. PPTP is a pretty simple setup, so no software is provided for it. On the bright side, easy to follow guides with pictures are provided. setup guides

Verdict Around the Web

The good folks at TorrentFreak rank as one of the best VPN services to mask P2P activities. The guys over at Best VPN received great speeds when testing the service from the United Kingdom. The rave reviews make sense because the company has a diversified product portfolio (data centers, cloud hosting, Internet service, etc). They obviously have pockets deep enough to make the VPN work as designed.

Summary is a great VPN service to keep you anonymous while using torrents. They provide fast and reliable speeds at a fair price. I would be more inclined to subscribe if I lived in Europe since they cater to the European market paying in Euros.

Best Alternative

Private Internet Access is my most highly recommended alternative. They are cheap, don’t keep logs, and allow torrent usage. PIA is one of the most rave reviewed VPN providers out there.

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  1. Andrew says:
    June 18th, 2014 at 12:38 pm

    It has come to our attention that shut down their services. used Anonine technology to provide services to their clients and, unfortunately, Anonine doesn’t have access to any of the accounts of the users that recently suffered from the shutdown. Anonine has tried to contact multiple times, however, never responded to any of our requests. We pride as a provider who works hard to offer the best service to our clients and values security. Considering that Anonine received numerous requests from clients, we would like to announce that every user who has an active subscription with, can get free access to our vpn servers by registering on and contacting our support for account extension.

    Please note that Anonine had absolutely no control over the actions of and is not responsible for what happened. We will do our best to help the clients who sufferred from irresponsible company that never delivered on what they promised.

    Should you have any questions or comments, please contact our support at

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