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Overplay offers an affordable VPN service and even cheaper SmartDNS option. They cater to users trying to circumvent geographical restrictions and bypass firewalls to access their favorite content from around the globe. This content includes Pandora, Spotify, BBC, Netflix, etc. Their VPN client is free and easy to use. Servers are available in more than 48 countries. Most major operating systems and mobile devices are supported in a variety of protocols.

OverPlay Highlights

Servers in 48 Countries
Access to All Servers
No Download Limits
No Speed Limits
Instant Account Activation
Support for Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhones, iPads, Boxee, Android, DD-WRT, DrayTek
Easy to Use VPN Client and Custom Versions of TunnelBlick and OpenVPN
OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP VPN Protocols
SmartDNS Servers Unblock Websites without the Need for a VPN Tunnel
2 Day Money Back Guarantee

Plans & Price

Overplay offers two plans, SmartDNS & VPN. SmartDNS costs $4.95 per month. It allows users to bypass geographical restrictions by making services think they are locally located. This can be a great option if you only need to access restricted content without the added security benefits of a VPN. The DNS service is similar both in price and features to a company called Unlocator.

The VPN plan from Overplay costs $9.95 per month. This level allows users to access servers in 48 countries with the maximum security and privacy benefits. SmartDNS is included with the $9.95 VPN plan.

If you are dissatisfied with either service, a no hassle money back guarantee is offered. For the SmartDNS service, customers may request a refund within the first 14 days. The refund / trial period with the full VPN plan is 2 days. I’ve rarely taken advantage of money back guarantees, but it is always nice to have that added peace of mind.


overplay servers

Overplay VPN has servers in 48 countries. They have been stuck at 48 a servers for years. It is strange to see a VPN provider that doesn’t expand, especially given that they are now middle of the pack price wise. Speed and bandwidth are uncapped to all the servers. All of the plans include the unlimited VPN service. The monthly rate starts at $9.95. Although they do not offer a free trial, they do have a 62 hour refund guarantee if you are not happy with the service.


Customer Support

Overplay technical support is available 24 hours a day / 7 days a week. Support can be accessed through live chat or a ticket based system. They also provide a knowledgebase. The knowledgebase is surprisingly small for a company as old as Overplay. Common sense dictates putting in the time to build a rigorous FAQ to cut done on the number of repeat questions asked by costly support staff. On the bright side, we have found their support to be knowledgeable and courteous.

overplay knowledgebase



Website visit logs are not maintained. Connection logs are maintained, but they claim to only store connection times and data usage. Since they are a US based provider, it is safe to assume a user could be tracked down if the actions warranted such. Connection logs are deleted at assigned intervals.



SmartDNS is a particularly attractive offering for users who only need the GeoIP features of a VPN without the security and privacy components. In addition to the being cheaper than standard VPN plans, SmartDNS connections are also faster since they don’t have all the additional overhead added by the security protocols found in regular VPN connections. This option is highly recommended to users who simply need to access content from sites such as Netflix, Spotify and Pandora.



Software has always been a strong suit of Overplay. Even when most other providers forced customers to endure a manual connection process with security certificates and numerous pitfalls, they offered easy to use connection programs. Unfortunately, their software offerings have not kept up with their competitors. While they still offer easy to use software for Windows and Macs, they don’t have separate apps for iOS and Android, Experienced VPN users are unlikely to find this much of an obstacle since manually setting up a VPN on most modern phones is darn easy. It would still be a nice touch for noobs and the technically challenged.



Torrents P2P Usage

The terms of service specifically state that P2P traffic is allowed. The next line goes on to state that it is the users responsibility to not do anything illegal and any such activity will result in account termination. On the bright side, even the most letter of the law VPN providers won’t turn your name over to a content owner for downloading the standard media content. While you might have your account terminated, it is highly unlikely you will be sued. There are better providers if masking torrent traffic is your main goal. If you plan to this on the Overplay network, my best advice is to stick with a monthly plan. You wouldn’t want to lose any more money for pre-paid service.



The signup page on the Overplay site is straight up awful. They make you enter all your information before selecting the plans and seeing the prices. It feels antiquated and like it is designed to capture you information even if you decide not to purchase a plan in the end. We highly recommend they update their signup process to be more transparent and user friendly.

overplay registration

Compatibility & Protocols

Overplay VPN is compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone, iPad and Android software. It uses OpenVPN, PPTP and L2TP/IPsec. SSTP is available on select servers. Flash Routers also sales specially configured routers for Overplay. You can learn more about this option in the video.


With good pricing, high quality and servers in many countries, Overplay VPN is a good VPN service choice. All of the plans include the unlimited VPN service. The monthly rate starts at $9.95. Although they do not offer a free trial, they do have a 48 hour refund guarantee if you are not happy with the service. Users subscribing to SmartDNS have an even longer refund period of 14 days. If I was searching for a regular VPN provider, I would be more inclined to look at Private Internet Access or IPVanish. Their SmartDNS pricing is highly competitive and their long history make them an attractive choice for that plan.

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  1. David Bohm says:
    March 14th, 2014 at 2:47 pm

    Internet security should be in the front of every ones mind. If you are travelling any where and using your laptop or mobile device then you need to use a VPN to protect your information and identity.

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