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I was reading this Lifehacker article today about the best VPN services. None of the providers on the list surprised me until I made it to LogMeIn Hamachi. My first reaction was LogMeIn who? Once I started reading about the service, my reaction changed to this is damn cool technology. Hamachi is a service much closer to the VPN’s many of us use at work as opposed to most of the other VPN services we’ve reviewed on this site. I say this because the service allows users to remotely and securely access networks. This is opposed to accessing networks from around the globe to increase privacy and enable GeoIP features.┬áTheir most similar competitor is GoToMyPC.


The pricing structure with LogMeIn Hamachi is fair. They offer a free plan for up to 5 computers in your network. As with most free offers, you’ll receive better service with the paid versions. Even the standard plan price of $29 per year is quite affordable.

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GoToMyPC is the most well known competitor of LogMeIn. The main difference is that GoToMyPC is a cloud based solution while LogMeIn is a real VPN solution. GoToMyPC is a more expensive solution. Anyplace-Control and RemotePC are two other similar services you might consider.


The software provided is simple to use. It allows you to easily create a managed or unmanaged network. The managed network solution allows for the creation of a gateway VPN. With the unmanaged solution, no user manages the connection traffic.


LogMeIn Hamachi is a well respected VPN provider that allows users to affordable create secure networks and remotely share files. It is useful for both individuals and businesses looking to securely collaborate. Since a free plan is available, users can try the service hassle free to determine if it is right for them or their company. The software provided is simplistic enough that even novice computer users are unlikely to have trouble using the service. Overall, it is well worth a try if this feature set appeals to you.

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The software has over 1 million downloads on CNET with a 4 star rating. The download is slightly over 8MB in size.

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