Is HideMyAss Good For Torrents

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HideMyAss isn’t our most highly recommended VPN for torrents. That honor currently resides with PIA. You can use HMA for torrents, but only on select servers. There is actually a thread on the HideMyAss site about this very issue here. Within this thread, the HMA rep actually admits that they block torrent downloads on many servers. Here is the list they recommended:

USA, Florida, Miami
USA, California, Los Angeles
USA, Washington, Seattle
USA, Georgia, Atlanta
USA, New York, Albany
USA, Indiana, South Bend
USA, California, San Francisco
USA, Nevada, Las Vegas
USA, Utah, Salt Lake City
USA, Texas, Houston
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
Romania, Bucharest
Serbia, Belgrade
Hungary, Budapest
Croatia, Zagreb

I personally wouldn’t use their U.S. servers for torrents, even though they dominate this list. This Reddit thread explains why I would avoid the U.S. servers. The user who started the thread said their account had been suspended 3 months into a 12 month subscription due to DMCA complaints, resulting from torrents. While it is unfortunate that this guy is out about $50 worth of service, he should still be damn happy that the VPN service saved him from a potential lawsuit.

Is HideMyAss Good For Torrents

Here is the letter received by the torrent user from HMA:


We have received a file sharing complaint and the date, time, and IP address provided matches the date, time, and IP address when your VPN account was in use; as a precaution we have disabled your account for violation of our terms of service. Whilst your identity is never revealed to any third-party, we kindly ask you to confirm you will no longer share the specified copyrighted material and we will then activate your account. If you believe this complaint is incorrect, please tell use and we will re-activate your account, however if we continue to receive complaints your account may be permanently disabled.

I don’t know about you, but a letter like this would freak me. I still reiterate the fact that, despite the user’s outrage, the provider was pretty cool about how they handled the complaint. While PrivateInternetAccess is a better service for now due to their no logging and shared IP policies, it is likely only a matter of time to continue to be a safe harbor.

TorrentFreak has an extensive write up about the different VPN services good for P2P. I am skeptical of some of the entries on their list. The list relies on self reporting from the VPN providers. The most important take home message is your best bet is to stick with a provider who accepts digital currency and does not require personal details. Theoretically, you could likely still be traced through data center logs that giveaway your ISP assigned IP. It’s incredibly unlikely anyone would go through that much effort unless you were up to something far worse than sticking it to the man by downloading your favorite movie or musician from a torrent.

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