Private Internet Access President’s Day Sale

Private Internet Access is having a 20% off President’s Day Sale. This makes PIA’s already low pricing ridiculously low.

pia vpn sale

During the sale period, the price of a monthly plan is $5.45 per. The yearly plan drops to just $31.95. That works out to only $2.66 per month. I frequently pay more than that for a cup of coffee at Starbucks.

Private Internet Access lets users connect up to five devices simultaneously. That means you could easily share an account with your friend and make the price even lower. They only have servers in 9 countries, but that should be plenty for 90%+ of VPN users. The best part of PIA is their strong stance about not keeping logs. They would be obligated to turn over said logs if they kept them, but the United States currently does not require them to keep this information. They also share IP’s between their user pool, which adds even another layer of protection to make it harder to identify end users. They also offer instant account activation. If you would like to learn more about Private Internet Access, I recommend reading our thorough review here.

Many providers that offer such low priced sales only extend the offers for a billing cycle or three. PIA is different. You can lock in these prices by taking advantage of this offer. Based upon my extensive knowledge of the VPN market, this is the best price you will find on an annual plan outside of China.

Oops, I learned today that this deal was supposed to be an exclusive offer for Slickdeals. Oh well, I don’t think they will see it nor would they likely care. Anyway, I want to make sure you have the best deals available.

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