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I recently discovered a new trick to save you 20% on the first three months with IPVanish. Start by clicking here. When you are on the signup page scroll your mouse towards the URL section of the page. If you are like me, the site will over you a 20% discount on all packages for the first three months. It is pretty cool and definitely worth a shot.

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This top coupon is brand new in honor of the World Cup!


These coupon codes are good for your first billing cycle. Since I am a cheap bastard, I would always contact support to see if they would extend the special price beyond the introductory period. If I am really bored and they say no, I might actually cancel.

I was surprised to see this article started to rank for IPVanish review. If you are looking for an IPVanish review, I recommend visiting here.

Prices before coupon:

ipvanish prices before coupon

With the aforementioned coupon code, you can lower the already low IPVanish prices even further. The month to month price drops to only $8. The quarterly price is a little over $7 per month, and the annual price works out to slightly more than $5 per month. These are some of the lowest prices in the industry.


Selling Points

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IPVanish Background

IPVanish is one of the most reliable VPN providers. Their parent company is Highwinds. Highwinds recently received $205 million in venture capital. In other words, IPVanish has the resources to grow and be around for the long haul.

Highwinds and IPVanish are based in Winter Park, Florida. This is part of the Orlando‚ąíKissimmee Metropolitan area. This indicates to me that the people that run this company must know a ton about Disney World in addition to global networking.

The sister company of IPVanish is the Usenet provider Newshosting. A major advantage of using Newshosting as a newsgroup provider is that the service comes with an advanced newsreader free of charge.


IPVanish Risk Free Trial

It is worth noting that IPVanish offers a 7 day money back guarantee. While this might not seem as good as a free trial, it is essentially the same offer except instead of just cancelling, you would also need to request your money back if you are not satisfied with the service. Money back guarantees are common practice in the VPN industry due to high levels of abuse with regular free trials.

As a side note, I get slightly annoyed at all the sites that advertise money back guarantees as free trials. You might read this paragraph header and accuse me of the same. I justify my actions by saying I at least put the word “risk” in front of free trial.


How To Get Three Months Of IPVanish For Free

It’s also worth nothing that you can receive three months of IPVanish service for free if you buy a pre-configured router from FlashRouters. Flashrouters isn’t cheap in comparison to buying a router and flashing it yourself, but it also isn’t outrageous. If you are the type that would like to unlock the full potential of your router and ensure seamless operation with your VPN service, this can be a great route to go.

flashrouters ipvanish coupon


Recent IPVanish Deals

When searching for the best deal possible, it is important to know historical prices for a service. The absolute best deal I’ve ever seen IPVanish offer was 25% with code HOLIDAY13. This coupon has unfortunately expired, but the service is still a hell of a bargain even at a slightly higher rate.


Why do I post these deals?

For one, I like searching for coupon codes and offers to help lower the price of goods and services. While I find this fun, I realize it is a task for many. Second the hope is you will click on one of my links in the process of trying one of the suggested goods and services to allow for my site to earn a commission. This is an important part of the process that for better or worse drives much of the information available on the internet. The bad part is that I think we have all wished the Google algorithm had a better bullshit meter to weed out the spammy crap that tends to float to the top despite their designers consistent and best efforts. This said, I still strive to be honest in all the information posted on this site.

Still looking for a cheaper provider? Consider checking out PIA or Private Internet Access. I strongly believe that the offers available from IPVanish are great, but if every penny counts…


Interesting Coupon Note

Have you ever wondered why so many coupon sites populate the Web full of lousy expired codes? Most coupon sites, including giants like Retailmenot and Techbargains, make a large amount of their revenue from affiliate commissions. Affiliate attribution tends to use a last click winner take all payment model. Hence, there are a ton of bums in the coupon space that add little value to the equation and ironically, drive up prices by adding yet another middle man to the equation.


Expired Codes

You can try these, but they are most likely dead.

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