FreedomPop Free USB Modem And 500MB Monthly Transfers

FreedomPop is offering a heck of a deal for those who need a little more mobile Internet on the cheap. On the cheap can be free if you only want an extra 500MB of 3G/4G data per month. They are giving customers a refurbished USB modem referred to as a Freedom Stick – 250U. Customers also receive trials of the 2GB data plan and they can try FreedomPop premier with twice as much data, rollover data and compression. The premiere trial can be unchecked during the checkout process. The premium trial with 2GB of data will have to be canceled or customers will be charged $20 per month.


freedompop offer


freedompop trial




Company Background

FreedomPop is based in Los Angeles. The company was founded in 2011 by Stephen Stokols and Steven Sesar. Stokols was CEO of the Woo Media social network before founding FreedomPop. Woo Media was acquired by Zoosk in 2011 in what was described as a firesale. This happened after Woo Media managed to burn through 20 million in venture capital first (god bless America). FreedomPop has also received at least 12 million dollars in venture capital. FreedomPop uses Clearwire and Sprint as its data networks.



This is a great offer if you are on the ball when it comes to canceling and changing services. If you are bad about this, you might want to stay away.

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Private Internet Access Coupon

Even before any coupons or additional discounts, Private Internet Access is one of the cheapest VPN providers available. Standard price for the service is less than $40 a year ($3.33 per month) when subscribed on an annual basis.

private internet access pricing

If price if the utmost importance, Private Internet Access has sales a few times a year where they knock 20% off all the subscription rates. They usually exclusively promote these deals on Here is a sample screencast from one of these discount periods:

slickdeals private internet access

Since these deals only happen every few months, I would usually be of the mindset to signup at the standard price, but that’s just me.


So Where Is The Coupon?

When Private Internet Access runs these special promotions they use specific land page URL’s as opposed to coupon pages. I did find a cool landing page that saves a buck while searching for coupons. You can find it here. This page literally only saves $1 exactly on the yearly plan and fifty cents on the monthly plan. Hey, it is better than nothing if you are trying to find the absolute best price and want to signup for the service today.

pia slightly cheaper


What Distinguishes Private Internet Access From The Pack?

Private Internet Access is one of the most respected VPN services because they take privacy seriously. They give a solemn promise not to log. Users are allowed up to five simultaneous connections. This is a hell of a benefit if you want to share the connection with your family or roommates to make the price even cheaper. PIA also specializes in torrent users. You can find a variety of setup guides to protect yourself while torrenting. The only downside of PIA is the limited number of servers. IP’s are only available for 9 different countries. This isn’t likely to impact the vast majority of users.


What Are the Alternatives?

My favorite alternative to Private Internet Access is HideMyAss. They cost a little more, but they are a solid service with great software.


If you are looking for more information on Private Internet Access, I recommend reading my full review here.

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Hide My Ass Summer Special

hidemyass summer special

Hide My Ass is running their annual Summer Special. If you’ve ever thought about trying their service, now is the time to lock in the lowest prices ever.


HMA Summer Special Pricing

If you signup during the Summer Special, your account will renew at these special rates.

hma special prices


How Long Will The HideMyAss Summer Special Last

The Summer Special is scheduled to last for the rest of July, 2014. That means you have roughly 16 days to take advantage of this opportunity.

hma summer special clock

What Alternatives Exist?

The VPN sector is a crowded market. It can be tricky for new customers to navigate through the shit to find the service that best suits their needs. If money and privacy are the most important factors when selecting a VPN service, you might want to look at Private Internet Access. They are one of the most respected services in terms of privacy, and at slightly under $40 for an annual plan, they are dirt cheap. If you are less concerned with money, IPVanish is a well established provider that has been expanding rapidly. Their parent company is Highwinds. They have a long established reputation in Usenet. IPVanish costs $10 per month or $27 for a three month cycle.


Want More Information?

If you want to learn more about the VPN service provided by Hide My Ass, I recommend reading my full review here.

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Netgear Nighthawk AC1900 Gigabit Router Sale

The Netgear Nighthawk AC1900 Gigabit router is on sale at Newegg for $161.49 shipped after $28.50 off with coupon code EMCPDW25.

netgear nighthawk ac1900



This router has a 4 star rating on Newegg with 198 reviews. It maintains the same 4 star rating on Amazon with 1,037 reviews. The price on Amazon is currently $190. Reading through the negative reviews show a consistent theme of some users having signals consistently dropped and complaints about the firmware. Since you are likely a VPN fan in the first place, you could likely fix these problems should they occur by switching DD-WRT firmware. I’m fairly amazed by how many of the negative reviews Netgear has taken the time to reply. This is certainly an indication of how dominant Amazon is, but wouldn’t you hate to have that job.

amazon nighthawk

netgear response


As to be expected from a router in this almost $200 price range, this unit has all the bells and whistles you could want.

In short, this Gigabit router has it all.

Price Comparison

We already mentioned that the price is $189 on Amazon. The Newegg price is $28 cheaper and even more if Amazon happens to charge tax in your area. When I searched in Google Shopping, one store (eProducts Club) cost the same amount as Newegg. I personally would be afraid to buy from them since they have no ratings whatsoever.

nighthawk google shopping

Most of the other known merchants ( Rakuten, B&H Photo, etc) are in the $190 price range of Newegg pre-coupon.

At the end of the day, this is a hell of a router at an affordable price. It is VPN friendly with the native firmware and even better if you are willing, to upgrade to DD-WRT. Routers like the Netgear R700 are so powerful, they are decent computers in their own right. This version even has parental controls if you want to keep your kids from accessing certain content. Routers by nature tend to be more flaky than most products. A lot of this has to do with user error, and the rest has to do with the million and one variables of a network. If you have the money and the need, it would be hard to go wrong with this product.

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Buy a Netgear 8 Port Gigabit Switch for $25 After Rebate

Newegg has an 8 port Netgear gigabit switch for $25 shipped after $15 mail in rebate and $10 coupon code EMCPFPW47. The mail in rebate offer is available until the end of June with a limit of 2 units. There are a variety of models listed, so even if this particular switch isn’t right for you, you might want to give the form a look. Payment comes in the form of a prepaid Visa. I miss the days when these companies actually sent a check. The coupon code from Newegg is valid until April 7th, 2014.

netgear switch



netgear switch on amazon

Netgear GS108 Product Specs



The Netgear GS108 is cheap and proven technology. If you are in the market for an 8 port gigabit switch and don’t mind the minor hassle of a mail in rebate, this is a great offer.

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Buy An Edimax BR-6478AC Gigabit Router for $59.49 Shipped After Coupon

Newegg has an Edimax BR-6478AC dual-band router with gigabit ports on sale for $59.49 after coupon code EMCPFPW62 until April 7, 2014.

edimax br-6478AC router

This unit receives great reviews overall, maintaining a 4 star rating on Newegg from 213 reviewers. Amazon has a similar 3.5 star rating with 34 reviews. This is one of the few incidences I’ve seen recently where Amazon has far fewer reviews than Newegg. I guess Newegg has had the inside scoop on this unit. The price on Amazon is currently $70.65.

amazon edimax br-6478ac reviews

Edimax BR-6478AC Specs


If you are more interested in a pre-flashed router configured to work with your VPN provider, consider looking at FlashRouters or Sabai Technology.

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ASUS RT-AC68U & Ooma Telo Free Phone Deal

Newegg has a great deal on an Asus RT-AC68U gigabit router and Oom Telo Free Phone Service bundle for $240 shipped. If you buy these products separately, the router is $220 and the Ooma telephone service is $140. The combo deal is scheduled to end on March 27th, 2014.


The RT-AC68U is one of our favorite routers. It currently has a 4 star rating with 124 reviews on Newegg. Amazon customers also give this router a 4 star rating with over 1700 reviews.

asus rt-ac68u router

The Ooma free telephone service device has a 4 star rating on Newegg with 83 customer reviews. The rating is even more impressive on Amazon with a 4.5 star rating with over 4,000 customer reviews.

Router Specs


Ooma Specs

Learn More!

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Refurbed ASUS RT-N66R Deal

Newegg has a refurbed ASUS RT-N66R for $79 shipped after coupon code EMCYTZT58787. This offer ends tomorrow on March 18th, 2014. This is a hell of a good gigabit router with combined wireless transfer rates up to 900Mbps. The brand new version of this router is $60 more and has a four star rating with over 550 reviews.

Important Features

asus router

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Newegg Deal on EnGenius Gigabit Router

EnGenius router

Newegg currently has an EnGenius ESR900 dual band wireless N900 cloud gigabit router with USB port on sale for $59.99 shipped after coupon code EMCPHHE227. The deal ends on February 27th. This router can reach speeds of up to 900Mbps (450+450) between the 2.4 and 5 GHz channels. Users can have multiple SSIDs. It is easy to connect and share hard drive contents over the network using the USB port. There is also a 4 port built-in gigabit switch. Performance is optimized for media streaming and even more importantly to us, there are additional VPN features already integrated into this router.

esr900 gigabit

Best VPN Router StoresOptimized for VPN ProvidersFirmware

YesDD-WRT & TomatoUSB

Sabai Technology
YesSabai OSv5
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Asus RT-N66R Dual-Band Gigabit Router Deal

Newegg has a great deal on an Asus RT-N66R dual-band wireless gigabit router for $99.99 shipped after coupon code EMCPHHP232. Alternatively, Newegg via Ebay has the same price on this router. This same router is currently $169.99 at Office Depot. There are even other sellers on Ebay trying to fetch $149.99 for the refurbished model.



Reviews for the RT-N66R are strong. On Newegg, this unit has a 4 star rating with 21 reviews.

asus rt-n66r router

On Amazon,  the Asus RT-66U has a 4.5 star rating with over 2,000 reviews. The consensus from the masses is that you are likely to have a great router at a fair price should you decide to purchase this deal.


Best VPN Router StoresOptimized for VPN ProvidersFirmware

YesDD-WRT & TomatoUSB

Sabai Technology
YesSabai OSv5
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Cyberghost Spring Discount Offer

cyberghost spring special

Cyberghost, one of the cheapest VPN providers, is offering annual plans for half off. The discount makes their annual plan just $34.99. This plan allows for 1 connection to any of the 285 servers in 22 countries. It also includes unlimited bandwidth and uncapped speed.

Deal Highlights

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