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Arethusa is a VPN service with both paid and free plans. The website is very basic and appears to have been made more by a VPN enthusiast than a company likely to gain much market share. Free is free though.

One major drawback of the free account is that it can only be used for web surfing. The free server is also located in the Ukraine, so expect slow speeds if you live in the west. Bandwidth is limited to 1GB per month. On the bright side, the protocol is the more secure OpenVPN.

Open Ports

The allowed ports with the free plan are: HTTP(S), DNS, POP3(S), NTP, IMAP(S), XMPP

Current Username and Password

The current Username for the free plan is: arethusa

The current Password for the free plan is: tguaj88v7k

The password might change periodically. Check the main website if you have trouble connecting. The necessary configuration files can be downloaded here.

Arethusa Premium VPN

The paid version of Arethusa is reasonably priced at only 5 Euros per month. It is a no thrills service. Servers are in: France, Germany, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Ukraine, Great Britain, and the United States. The company says P2P / Torrents are allowed on some servers. There is a P2P selection within the software that connects users to the best server for torrent activity. This company is flagrant in their word choice. They go as far as saying if you only use private bittorrent trackers, you can use any VPN server. There must be some benefits of being register in the tiny country of Seychelles, population 86,000.


Arethusa makes a point of saying you are bound by the laws of the host country. For example, when you connect to the server in Amsterdam, you shouldn’t do anything to break the law for the Netherlands.


Don’t expect amazing service from Arethusa. It is a small provider that offers free and cheap service. Appreciate it for that.

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    […] Arethusa – Arethusa was a nympth who was later transformed into a fountain in Greek mythology. The name is applicable to a VPN service because her stream was believed to have subterranean communication was a river. Unfortunately, the service itself isn’t quite that cool. Arethusa is harder to use than providers with VPN clients. A username and password is provided to users interested in trying the free service. These periodically change. […]

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