Private Internet Access World Cup Push


Private Internet Access is making a push for new subscribers during the World Cup. They’ve unveiled a fancy set of banners like the one above. Amusingly, they stated in the announcement email that they had to avoid using the words “World Cup” or “FIFA” because of licensing restrictions. I found a distinct irony in that statement.

World Cup VPN

The Washington Post published an article on the thirteenth of this month touting a VPN as a good workaround for those without an ESPN subscription who would like to watch World Cup games in the United States. This article specifically mentions a user connecting to the UK VPN server to stream the games.

At my work, everyone has been watching the games on Univision. I’ve was even at a Chinese restaurant recently where they had the game on over the Univision channel. I personally don’t like having overly excited Spanish speaking men screaming at me, but I can see how that could be a good match for the right person.

Why Use PIA For The World Cup?

Private Internet Access is my more than my favorite provider to stream the World Cup. They are a great all around service because they are cheap, allow torrents and have a rock solid reputation for respecting privacy. The only drawback for some users is a relatively limited number of servers. They currently allow users to connect to nine different locations. Pricing works out to be just $3.33 cents per month if you signup for a yearly plan. An impressive assortment of payment options, including Bitcoin, are also accepted.

private internet access price and payments

Are There Other Providers With Specials

IPVanish and VyprVPN are running alleged specials. The IPVanish deal is slightly better than normal. You have to use the link available from VPNSP to save 25% off the first month. My only problem with this deal is that the discount is only valid for the first month of service. Like any good deal hunter, I’m always in search of lifetime discounts. The VyprVPN offer is the same as they always offer with 50% off the first month of service. On the bright side, they did make a pretty landing page for World Cup traffic.


Update – Since the Private Internet Access special is now over, I switched the links back to normal.

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