Is Private Internet Access Good For Torrents?

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Does a bear shit in the woods? That would be the crude answer to whether or not Private Internet Access is good for P2P torrent downloads. Their main protection comes from the fact that don’t keep logs. If PIA kept logs, they would be required to at least kick you off the service if they received a nastygram complaint from a content owner. Given current U.S. laws, they are allowed to answer by saying they don’t have that information.


Do I Expect This Shield To Last Forever?


No. 100+ million dollar movies don’t just make themselves. Companies that put up big money to create entertainment are going to continue to lobby hard to preserve their revenue streams. Don’t get me wrong though. With few exceptions, I honestly don’t give a shit what you do with your internet connection. The good news for everyone who harbors a little pirate in their being is even if the United States changes its laws on logging many countries, like Russia and Sweden, will resist regulations to punish pirates.


Why Else Is Private Internet Access Good For Torrents


PIA shares their IP pool. Theoretically, this combined with the lack of logs means they couldn’t identify what client did activity x if they wanted. Given the strong reputation Private Internet Access has online, I’m confident they are legit in standing behind these strong privacy policies.




If the VPN service is disconnected while you are torrenting, you real IP could be revealed. You should probably enable the kill switch within the software to prevent this scenario from becoming a harsh reality. Speed is another concern. Most VPN connections will degrade your speed. Protocols with more security, like L2TP over IPSec, tend to degrade speed more than protcols with less security, like PPTP. Fortunately, PIA is cheap and allows users to select between 9 reliable locations. If you receive poor speed initially, you should try a different server. If that doesn’t help, you might try a different  connection protocol too.


Looking for a an Extensive Review?


You can read our thorough Private Internet Access review here. The consensus from around the net is that it is a reliable, cheap service that takes privacy seriously. By cheap, I mean you can buy annual plans for under $40. I’ve been known to spend more than that during a relatively mellow night at the bar. Spending this much to protect yourself from various forms of “the man” is a much wiser use of funds in the long run.

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