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If you want to watch the United States version of Netflix in Mexico, you are not alone. Netflix is a badass service and dirt cheap. As a matter of fact, I am watching it right now.

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While a version of Netflix is available to users with a Mexican IP address, it doesn’t have as much American content. This is the result of licensing agreements devised from the big wigs in LA and New York. But why should these asshole fat cats keep you from watching your favorite American television show or movie? If you answered because they own the content, you need an attitude readjustment son!

Our objective is to get around annoying messages like the one below:

netlix is not available in your part of the world

What are the options?

This is a VPN site, so my main suggestion is to use a VPN provider to obtain an IP address associated with the United States. My two favorite VPN providers are HideMyAss and Private Internet Access or PIA for short.

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Both HideMyAss and Private Internet Access provide free and easy to use software with their service. HMA is a little more pricey than PIA. The month to month price is $11.52 for HMA versus $6.99 for Private Internet Access. The price of Private Internet Access goes down to a remarkable $39.99 if you sign up for an annual plan. This works out to a ridiculously low $3.33 per month. You might want to try HideMyAss first though because they offer a 30 day money back guarantee.

Here are the summary steps for the above method:

1. Select a VPN provider.

2. Download the software from the provider. Note that not every VPN service comes with free software. The good news is the providers I suggested provide applications that work on Windows, Mac, and mobile devices.

3. Access Netflix from your computer or mobile device when connected to a US server from your VPN provider.


VPN Router Alternative

vpn routerIf you plan to use the VPN more often than for occasional Netflix use, you might consider buying and configuring a VPN on your router using firmware like dd-wrt or buying a pre-configured VPN router from a store, like Flash Routers and Sabai Technology are two companies that provide such routers.


Are there any other way to access the U.S. version of Netflix in Mexico? Why yes!

You could use a DNS service, like Unolocator, UnoTelly, or Tunlr to access the American version of Netflix. I personally prefer the VPN route because I consider it a more versatile, capable method without any additional cost. These DNS services are highly targeted at users trying to circumvent GeoIP restrictions to access content from services like Netflix and Hulu. A virtual private network has any number of additional security and privacy features that can allow you to safely and securely use torrents and experience greater freedom on the Internet.

If you decide that the DNS route still sounds best for your needs, I recommend looking at the Unotelly channel on Youtube. They cover the basics of how to setup their service with the most commonly used forms of hardware.

I hope you found this article helpful. If you have any additional suggestions of how to access US Netflix in Mexico, please feel free to suggest them in the comment box. However, I intentionally left proxies off this list because I do not believe they will consistently provide enough speed to make them a practical method.

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1.Hide My Ass VPN
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2. Private Internet Access
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Netflix Streaming Products

I personally prefer to use streaming media devices rather than hooking the computer to the TV with an HDMI cable to stream netflix. My three favorite devices are the Roku, Apple TV, and Western Digital Live Player. Not surprisingly, Apple has the slickest interface. The Western Digital media player is my preference if you also have a lot of downloaded content. The Roku is a solid device that offers huge variety of free channels.


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