IPVanish Purchased Overplay

I was surprised to find an email in my inbox today stating that the Overplay Affiliate Program was now going to be managed within the IPVanish portal. At first, part of me wondered if Overplay could have somehow outsourced their affiliate management to IPVanish. I quickly dismissed this as a silly prospect and determined that the truth lies with IPVanish having purchased Overplay.


This move only surprises me because of how long it took. IPVanish has deep pockets and has been adding to their network like crazy. At this point, I could only see them buying Overplay for their customers and not their network. You never know though. Overplay might have some feature that IPVanish wants.


IPVanish Stats

In case you haven’t been witness to the rapid expansion by IPVanish lately, they are up to 14,000 IP addresses available on 130 servers in 58 different countries. The number of IP addresses and servers still has a long way to go before it reaches the biggest competitors, like HideMyAss. The deal is that they won’t need to increase those numbers until they get more customers. The number of available countries is a better indicator of how serious they are about conquering the VPN market. For comparison sake, HideMyAss (the largest VPN provider) now has servers in 77 countries.


Other Signs Of The Merger

The evidence I provided of a merger between IPVanish and Overplay might appear anecdotal at best. Another sign that stands out to me is the commonality in their marketing language now. They are both stressing online freedom with images of women spreading their arms into the sunset.

overplay freedom ipvanish freedom


Why Would IPVanish Buy OverPlay?

Beyond giving IPVanish a new base of customers and an established brand, Overplay allows IPvanish to test different marketing angles without damaging their main brand. What do I mean by different marketing angles? Usually this involves lower prices. Once you offer a low price in a sector like VPN’s it can be hard to increase the price later. With Overplay they could offer three dollar a month accounts if they want just to see what it does the conversion rate. I’d expect to see some interesting specials come out of the Overplay camp in the near future.


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