Is HideMyAss Safe

I recently noticed that a decent amount of people search for “Is HideMyAss Safe” on a monthly basis.

is hidemyass safe

It’s a vaguely enough worded question that I was left scratching my head trying to discern what these searchers might possibly be trying to ask the Google Gods.


google god


This question seems particularly strange for a service intended to increase security by creating an encrypted end to end tunnel. I’m going to speculate about what these searchers might be trying to ask.


Is HideMyAss A Reputable Company?


I consider HideMyAss to be an extremely reputable company. To the best of my knowledge, they are the largest VPN provider with over 150,000 paying customers. They also haven’t had to increasingly lower their prices to create such an impressive pool of paying customers. They consistently increase their number of available IP addresses, servers and countries. Unlike some VPN providers, like Earth VPN, I’ve never read an example of HideMyAss being hacked for user information.


Does HideMyAss Keep My Data Secure?

If you were worried about a hacker stealing your data, I would consider HideMyAss extremely secure and a wise purchase to add an additional layer of security. If you were worried about a government entity, I wouldn’t rely upon any VPN service. It’s widely believed that governments, like the United States, have cracked SSL technology. Not to mention almost any company approached by powerful state representatives would be hard pressed to say no when pressed for access. To sum it up, I would say HMA will keep you secure from hackers but not from the government.


Does HideMyAss Log?

HideMyAss does log when users connect and disconnect from the service. They claim that information about the traffic passed through their servers is not kept. This answer is at least honest. I have the sneaking suspicion that at least half the VPN providers that claim not to log keep at least as much data 0n their users as HideMyAss admits to keeping.


Will The HideMyAss Software Crash My Computer?


Their software client is rock solid in my experience. I consider it more mature than the software offered by the competition. It makes switching servers easy and you can tell when you are connected. That said, even the best software could potentially crash your computer especially if your computer sucks or is working at the edge of its capabilities. If this happens in your case, don’t blame HMA. Blame Microsoft!


If you want to learn more about HideMyAss, I’ve written an extensive review of the service here. You can visit the HideMyAss website directly by clicking here.

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