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I noticed recently that many people search for, “Hide My Ass Trial.” This isn’t a shocker since many people only need a VPN service for a short amount of time, so if you could find a trial, it could satisfy your need for service without cost. Also, the quality of a VPN service is going to vary greatly based upon your location. Yeah, some providers are obviously better than others, but even the best providers will not be able to provide some users with optimal service. It makes a VPN the perfect service to test before buying?


Does Hide My Ass Provide A Free Trial?

Instead of a free trial Hide My Ass offers a 30 day money back guarantee. Money back guarantees are more common than free trials in the VPN industry in part because fraud is some rampant with the service. If you think about it, one of the best case scenarios for VPN users is that they are trying to mask torrent downloads. The worst case is that they might be up to some fairly nefarious shit and they are trying to add a VPN as one of many layers of protection. Of course many legit people have also been adding VPN service after the Snowden revelations.


How Does The Hide My Ass Money Back Guarantee Work?

There are some stipulations if you decide to take advantage of the HMA money back guarantee. I should spell those out, so you don’t decide to track me down and beat my ass later.


How Much Does Hide My Ass Service Cost?

HMA is a highly affordable VPN service. They used to be one of the cheapest, but competing services have continually lowered their prices in recent years, while HMA has maintained their pricing. I still think most people with normal jobs will find the prices fair. Given that Google estimates there are over 100,000 searches each month for HideMyAss, the company is obviously doing quite well with their current pricing model.


Looking for more information?

If you would like to learn more about HMA, I recommend reading our comprehensive review. It covers most of the basic questions and has analysis of server locations, software, support and speed.

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