Google VPN

Tech Republic is reporting that Google will launch their own personal VPN service. While the service is still in BETA and only available to Android 5.15 users, this could still be a game changer for the VPN industry as a whole.

Google VPN

Is a Google VPN Practical?

I would trust a Google VPN to help secure my data from hackers when connected to an open network. Google’s VPN would be useful for most of geo unblocking features. It’s unlikely that Google will protect users interested in downloading torrents. One of the biggest question marks is whether Google would risk further upsetting the Chinese government by offering a VPN intended to bypass the Great Firewall. No one should trust Google VPN if they are trying to evade government spying. The company has a long history of having no backbone when it comes to standing up to the government. Speed and price are likely to be the best attributes. Deep pockets and sophisticated infrustructure will allow the company to give away lightening fast VPN service.

Ethical Question

Almost every aspect of the Internet is becoming harder and harder for the little guy to compete. I jokingly tell people in 20 years Google and Amazon will be the only two companies left battling for American Web dominance. Unfortunately, this prophecy grows closer to reality on a near daily basis. Personally, Amazon and Google strike me as innovative companies that care. It still makes me nervous to have such consolidated power.

Think about the drug companies. Most new drugs are innovated by smaller companies. Once a development becomes promising enough a larger, more established drug company offers the smaller company a boat full of money. Innovation is hindered because the smaller company is then burdened by bureaucracy. A company isn’t going to compete with itself. Many ingenous ideas are shelved because the company already has a chosen technology, usually the one they have invested the most in.

Can Google Do A Good Job?

VPN technology is pretty straightforward. It isn’t like Google is trying to make a new social network here. I’m sure they can make killer apps. They already have plenty of money to buy the fastest servers, and more network routing experience than anyone except maybe Amazon (cloud). It’s hard to believe that Google can screw this up.

Could Google VPN Be Good for the Industry?

Competition drives innovation. At least that is the basis for our capitalist system. The best way for Google to use it’s deep pockets is to create more secure protocols. It’s fair to say the NSA has cracked most VPN encryption. If Google can develop an improved way to encrypt the data, I am all for this foray into an industry I hold dear. It would be even better if this technological advancement could be shared, improving security across the industry as a whole.

What Is the Best Part of Google VPN?

If Google is good at anything, it is garnering publicity. Most average people don’t understand the benefits of VPN technology. Having the Google PR machine espousing the virtues of this technology will improve general understanding. This should be great for most companies in the space for at least the short term. I’d be scared if Google gave the service away for free. A free VPN from a company like Google has the ability to put many innovative companies out of business. I’ll cross my fingers that Google does no evil in harming the current innovative landscape.

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