Ecigs Cause Malware?

electronic cigarrete malware

Back in November the Guardian reported that a Reddit user was blaming and electronic cigarette for his bosses malware infection. Some skeptical side of me can’t help but imagine some PR guy working for Philip Morris conjuring this story. It really does appear that there is an enormous PR push against electronic cigarettes on almost every front. It almost reminds me of Rockfeller telling everyone that electricity would burn down their house and electrocute their children, so they should just stick to good old kerosene.

At the end of the day, people who make money from traditional cigarettes have billions of reasons to attack electronic cigarette full force. Who makes the most money besides the cigarette manufacturers? The government does. If the government can successfully claim that people need to be defended from the unhealthy evils of electronic cigarettes, like with real cigarettes, they can tax the shit out of them, and save that several billion dollar revenue stream. I digress though.

Can Electronic Cigarettes Really Cause Malware?

Unfortunately, the answer is yes. A USB electronic cigarette charger connected to the computer is capable of the infecting the computer with malware. Obviously, any electronic cigarette charger supplier is going to be pissed if the Chinese factory sold them contagious chargers though. The deal with electronic cigarette parts is there are still relatively few brand names, and the few that exist are widely counterfeited. Oh fuck, I oddly sound like I am pushing for regulation. Trust me, that is rarely ever the case with me.

What is the Solution?

As with 90% of security vulnerabilities, make sure you are running updated anti-virus. Don’t be like my parents though who always seem to think more is better. I go to their damn house and tend to find they are running 17 different versions of anti-virus at the same time. They then bitch at me for their computer running slowly. I’ve started to realize that bored old people never outgrew sensationalist chain emails from the 90s. Every time they read about a new boogie man they decide the only logical defense is to install a new anti-virus.

I won’t be like that when I get old will I? Fuck no!

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