British Telecom CEO – Online Privacy Cannot Be Guaranteed

The Guardian recently reported that the CEO of British Telecom, Gavin Patterson, said at the economic forum in Davos online privacy cannot be guaranteed. This seems like a remarkably honest statement for the leader of a major telecommunications provider. Maybe it is his age or the fact that he isn’t an American.

gavin patterson

Patterson stated that he would like to see clearer rules and greater transparency for the telecoms. We obviously couldn’t agree more, and this is a large reason why we champion the privacy and security a VPN service provides. Patterson also suggested that the laws need to catchup with technology. I think that is a thinly veiled way of saying the level of government spying by both the British and US governments creeps him out.

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If you have any interest in reading more about Gavin Patterson, his Wikipedia page is here. It is mostly interesting because of his relatively young age and rapid accent to such a powerful position. Let’s hope his tone at the Davos conference means he might be willing to put his foot down where he can. I won’t hold my breath though.

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