Best VPN Providers in 2014

There are many variables when it comes to selecting a VPN provider. The five most important considerations are:

  1. Price
  2. Speed
  3. Reliability
  4. Terms of Service (logs, torrents, legal, etc.)
  5. Servers



When it comes to price Private Internet Access or PIA tends to win at $6.95 per month or $39.95 per year. The math on the yearly deal works out to about $3.33 per month. This service has a great reputation for not keeping logs. The drawbacks are that it is an American based company, and there are servers in only 9 different countries.

Boxpn is another cheap alternative if you are looking for a 12 month plan. While I don’t recommend them as highly as PIA, they are well known and respected in the VPN community. They claim to not keep logs, allow torrents, and provide unlimited service. Their 12 month plan currently costs $35.88.

 boxpn vpn price

EarthVPN is a relatively new provider with servers in 32 countries. They charge a mere $3.99 per month and claim to not keep logs. They are headquartered in Northern Cyprus. They optimize their servers specifically for torrent traffic. EarthVPN offers a 7 day money back guarantee.


Speed & Reliability

I put speed and reliability together because these factors can be affected by a thousand different variables. I can and have run speed tests until blue in the face, but the speeds I receive when using a VPN will differ from any other user. Location is the biggest factor when determining how reliable and fast a VPN service will be for you.

My advice is to try a couple well respected services with money back guarantees, like Hide My Ass and IPVanish to see if they provide they reliably provide the speed you need. Both these providers offer a 7 day money back policy. If you are looking for an IPVanish Coupon, we host a page of their codes.

Terms of Service

The TOS is likely your most important consideration if you are concerned with freedom, privacy, anonymity and torrent usage. This is another area where Private Internet Access has the best reputation. They allow torrents and claim to not keep logs. The only drawback of PIA is that they are an American based provider. As the recent NSA stories have highlighted, it can be hard to believe any company based in the United States would be allowed to not maintain information for the government.

If you are concerned about using an American based provider, you might consider



The numbers of servers a VPN provider has is often one of the most advertised aspects. Amusingly, it is frequently one of the most insignificant aspects. It is only important that the provider has the servers you plan to use at the speed you want. The other 500 servers are frequently worthless to the average user. That said, there are always exceptions and the more servers a VPN provider has, the greater likelihood that they can provide superior speed to the largest number of users around the globe.

If number of servers are of large concern to you, I would go with Hide My Ass. Hide My Ass currently has almost 540 servers in 63 different countries. You can read my full HMA review here.

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